The House Crazies

Next month we move into our first house. Over 40, this seems late, but maybe now our families will see us as grown ups.

Do you own a house? Words of warning?

In grad school I had a final exam that was one word. Home. I wrote for two hours and got an A.

I’m having trouble balancing my life with about-to-move-into-a-house, but it will be worth it…right? Home. The original asylum.


7 responses to “The House Crazies

  1. Advice – clean out the junk drawer once a month. Clean out closets once every two months. Spend more time with family than in cleaning or cleaning out.

    • I like a clean house, but years from now when my son is an old man, I’d like him to say that his mom spent a lot of time with him, not that she kept a clean house.

  2. When I bought my house, everything looked fresh and clean. Over the next six months all the temporary spackle the previous owner had put on started to disappear, and the real flaws came out. I wish I had known exactly how much upkeep this house would require, because now we’re living with a lot of things we can’t afford to fix, things which were camouflaged when we bought the house. For instance, on our shed is a set of double doors. Plenty of space to drive the riding lawnmower right up through. Little did we know, the guy had just installed interior doors, and they started to fall apart within a year. But we can’t afford to replace them. Same with a tiny hole on the underside of the kitchen faucet which he had filled temporarily. I could afford to fix a couple of the things he covered up, but all together they are too much.

    Having said that, I think ours was an extreme case, but it does illustrate that you need to be prepared for unexpected expenses.

    Also, lawn care: it’s not always cost effective to buy your own equipment. The maintenance, gas, etc on a lawnmower and weedeater can get pretty high, as well as the initial cost, so it might be worth it to hire the neighborhood kid, especially when you’re already pressed for time.

    Congrats again on your new house. Despite the expense and responsibility, I do enjoy having a place that is my own.

      • I’m sure you won’t have any major problems…like I said, I think the problems I’ve had are out of the ordinary. Relax! 🙂

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