Where’s my time machine?

When you think time machine, don’t you imagine the chance to go anywhen. And probably anywhere, but there’s no promise that a time machine will move through space as well as time. (Unless, you know, you’re a Time Lord.)

But why is that our idea of a time machine? That the machine would move us from one point to another. Like a Delorean.

Maybe a time machine could be fit on a desk, and when you need that extra hour in your day, you turn it on, and presto! Out comes your hour. Maybe you could feed time you don’t want into it too. Is that hour dragging by? Let the machine handle it. You could get that time back later when you want the party to last a little longer.

Would you want your own time machine?

Though it may cause trouble with different machine creating different amounts of time. There might be huge time differences from one house to the next.

Now there’s a story idea…


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