The Friendship Obituaries

Some friendships I’ve ended intentionally. Haven’t you?

I was 14 and I sent a note to a friend explaining that I couldn’t be her friend anymore. The reason for this valiant behavior? She’d discovered boys and sneaking out and smoking.

I’d been through that with a cousin, and I knew that if my friend was sneaking out with boys, those boys would be around even when they were allowed to be.

They’d be the kind of boys who encouraged girls to sneak out at night.

I wrote her that I wanted to stay out of trouble and that we were too young for smoking and boys. She never wrote back. She must’ve thought me a prude. But I wanted my life to go a particular way and that way didn’t include being derailed by boys.

She never spoke to me again.

Have you ever purposely ended a childhood friendship?


2 responses to “The Friendship Obituaries

  1. I did. I had a friend I didn’t like very much; she was too needy and her manner, both gossipy and gross, drove me crazy. I started shying away from her, obviously, until she got the message. I feel kinda bad about it now, as I was no prize myself.

    • I feel kinda bad about what I did too. But I don’t think I could’ve handled the friendship any other way. I mean, I was such a messed up kid. Most of us probably have stories of shying away from someone until they get the message. I know it’s been done to me!

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