The Full Mind Way

I’ve heard a lot about living a mindful life, and I’m all for it. Really. Make an effort.

That said, what I think I’m experiencing is a full mind life.

My mind is full. I don’t mean in a great mind sort of way. Symphonies and cures are not banging up against each other in there. No plan to save or take over the world. No.

My mind is full of do-stuff lists, annoyances, things I need to say or should’ve said, projects, memories, random crap, and a few worthwhile notions. If brains are like junk closets then my junk closet is in the house of someone about to be invaded by cameras for reality TV. “Just look at what is still in here!”

Please note I said TV crew not police. My junk closet isn’t that bad.

Well, actually it may not even be that interesting, but it is that cluttered.

Anyway, one thing rattling around a lot lately is irritation. I have wasted more time getting annoyed with and debating with people on facebook than normal. I find that I read something–and I can’t let it go. Usually I roll my eyes at things and shrug. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and I’m wrong as often as anyone else.

But I’m angrier these days. Frustrated with the world. It’s ridiculous because no one is going to change the world with a facebook comment. I hate to argue with people. I hate to make people mad at me.

And yet…

Are you someone who likes to argue or who avoids argument no matter what? How do you argue–to their face on in status threads? Do you think arguing is useful or a waste of time?


8 responses to “The Full Mind Way

  1. On a few occasions, I have started to discuss/debate issues on FB. I think it’s a waste of time, especially if you are disagreeing with a bone-head! 🙂 But seriously, I think it best to avoid online debates, unless of course you are trying to change the world. I understand some people’s passion, but not when they attack me or others for disagreeing or relating my opinion or thought-process. Just a couple of days ago I made a comment on someone else’s timeline (he started it), and he attacked my editing because I wrote something with a hyphen. Hyphenation didn’t have anything to do with the original post! Every time I get into something like this (not very often), I regret it and learn a new lesson.

    • I do think most often it is a waste of time, and I don’t want to attack people. (Well, not usually.) Plenty of things are ridiculous and should just be left alone. But once in a while I find a comment insulting or disrespectful or so naive that I can’t stop my impulse to say something. And if someone says something hateful, I don’t want them to think I agree.

      Silence can be agreement and I don’t always want that.

      The hyphen thing sounds like he knew you had a valid point and needed to distract attention from it.

      But I don’t name-call and I try very hard to disagree respectfully–hard as that may be.

  2. Haha, I was going to post about this very thing today! I’ve also been much more annoyed lately with the world. Wonder if it’s astrological that we both find ourselves in this mindset.

    Sometimes I think FB is an outrage machine–that’s its main purpose (along with pithy sayings and Zynga) and we are both power source and cogs. I don’t like being outraged. It’s exhausting and helps no one. The people who might benefit from my point of view are put off by the delivery, and my fingernails are chewed and time wasted. That’s it.

    So I’m probably not going to be sharing anymore outrage unless I’ve thoroughly researched the topic. This should keep me from knee-jerk postings, because I’ll only spend the time researching the things that I care about the most. And then maybe I can make a rational case instead of just yelling about it.

    Now I’m outraged at myself for being so outraged. 😉 But I’m right with you, my head is too full, and a lot of it seems to be other people’s problems, not my own.

    • I think a lot of it is the news. WIth all the news about anti-woman legislation going on in different states, I’ve been feeling under attack. And then there is the news in general, the election craziness, and the normal issues going on in my life. But you know when I hear a politician compare women to cows and pigs…it is getting on my nerves to say the least.

      • That’s exactly it, I feel personally attacked by the tone of certain groups and the legislation they propose. I want to rail against stupidity. But I think this hurts me more than it hurts them, so I’m backing off. Again. Seems like I realize this every few months.

      • I’m torn between the there-is-no-point argument and the I-won’t-be-silenced argument. Each side has valid points, but some things must be spoken out against.

        It’s hard to know what to do really.

  3. There IS a lot to be angry about, and a lot of it is justifiable anger. Righteous anger, even.

    The thing about anger (and a lot of other emotions at one end or the other of the spectrum — envy, lust, etc…. I guess the old Seven Deadlies) is: it — the anger — offers absolutely nothing constructive, i.e. useful. We think about martyrs like Joan of Arc, or the 12 apostles or whoever, and we think about how wonderful it must have seemed to see them raining down wrath upon their foes. But y’know, when those people acted like that they were (a) obviously of another time, and (b) often, um, nuts.

    Being angry is okay. Feeling gluttonous, etc.: ditto. The question is: what do you do with it? And thinking about — just being aware of — what you choose to do with it is what “mindfulness” is about. It’s when you succumb to anger (etc.) unconsciously or reflexively that you end up being all overwrought, tied up in knots, etc.

    Well, on re-reading, substitute “I” and “me” for “you” everywhere up there. I don’t have any idea what works for anybody else, let alone how they should or might just want to behave.

    • Dealing with anger is tricky, especially for women. I think society looks at angry women differently than it does angry men. Maybe they see both negatively(or not), but it is still different.

      I can see letting go being angry at some idiot on the street who says a sexist, hateful thing. But when legislatures start passing laws that actually can impact my health, well, that’s a whole new world of anger. I actually write letters (or emails rather). My representative must love me.

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