Inundated, overwhelmed, and out of my mind. You?

My son's "Are you crazy?!" look.

I’ve got a stack of novels and short stories I’ve written and a folder stuffed with rejections. I think I fumbled (to put it politely) my last effort at getting an agent. But self-publishing doesn’t appeal to me either.

You know those hoarding shows where you can see people surrounded, no, overwhelmed by the dross and remains of their lives? I feel like that except instead of pizza boxes and newspapers and cats, it written words and all the talismans that cling to them. I don’t even know where to begin.

Some days I think I can do anything I put my to. Other days…I wonder much I could carry to the dumpster before my mind clears.

Ever think of just throwing all those words away?


5 responses to “Inundated, overwhelmed, and out of my mind. You?

  1. Yeah, been there – I start out great-guns every morning. I think some part of every day I feel like I’m spinning my wheels. I look at my to-do list and wonder who’s been marking up my calendar! I try to write (for myself, my stories, my blogs) before I even get on the internet in the morning. I try to clear distractions from my desk before I start writing, so if I happen to glance over I don’t see all the notes and calendar items. And sometimes, at the end of the day, I figure it was a total wash. I just decide to try harder the next day.

    • I’ve failed a lot lately to make time for my writing. I’ve allowed myself to be overwhelmed by lesson plans and grading, housework, issues/plans for my son, just everything… And I know I need to stop my whining and get something done.

      • Nobody said anything about not whining! 🙂 I am in there with the best of them! I usually step away from the computer when I feel that way – to regroup, get away from all the messages popping up and beeping, fb updates… Just play.

  2. I’m a new reader of your blog and I just want to say that I find Fairy Tale Asylum to be a completely captivating idea. I can’t wait to read it, so please don’t stop trying to get it published. Hang in there!


    the bunny with the golden moths is beautiful. I could look at it every day.

    • Oh. Jenn, are you the one who bought that piece from Joe’s? If so, wow and thank you. It is nice to know something I made has a good home. That makes me feel better.

      And I’ll hang in there. Thank you again.

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