This Theme Won’t Save You

I could be wrong, of course, but a blog theme probably isn’t what will send a novel into the stratosphere of starlight and success.

But that said, I sure am wasting a lot of time on it.

Several wordpress themes have elements about them I like…and elements I don’t. I don’t have any coding skills so designing something on my own isn’t an option. And since my writing doesn’t bring home those big bucks, paying for a website isn’t an option either.

But I can’t find a theme I’m really happy with.

So. You and your blog? How/why did you choose the theme that you have? How much did it matter to you? What do you think is key when deciding?


5 responses to “This Theme Won’t Save You

  1. I picked simple white with blank side banners (later added the underwater glow). Simpler design so people could find what they wanted, like subscribe (that’s at the top), my social networks to connect (right under my profile picture). I think simpler is better. I usually don’t spend much time on blogs that are too busy or cause me to jump through hoops to subscribe or find what I’m looking for. Though I know a lot of people do it, I don’t care for blogs that have black or dark backgrounds with white text – after a couple minutes I start to see “ghost” images. I think also that a blog should reflect a writer or artists’ personality.

    • Karen, I have liked several themes that are black with white type, but I’ve also read what a headache that can be to read. So I don’t use that kind of design. And a few designs I’ve liked put the links, categories, and such down at the very bottom where I think (though maybe I’m wrong) no one will see them.

      Maybe the whole obsession with theme is just a way to avoid writing…

  2. I tried to pick a theme that reflects my writing voice and novels – fun (I hope) quirky (I hope) and upbeat (I hope). Recently someone told me they didn’t think my 2nd book was that funny. I remember killing myself while writing it. Something’s off. But I digress …

    I’ve worked with a few themes, and you’re right, they each have good and bad points. I personally like footers, so I can put in a few credits. And I like an easy to work with widget area.

    • Your blog theme seems appropriate to me. The strong lettering at the top works really well.

      I just waver. My art is black and white, so part of me thinks that matches best. But people are often attracted to color and I don’t want the theme to be boring. But some colors don’t work well with B&W. I’ll keep messing with it until I give up.

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