The Latest Show

For a month my art is hanging at Genuine Joe’s Coffee House here in Austin. But for those of you who are far away, here is a slideshow that includes art in the show plus a lot of other pieces I have fond memories of.

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People first seeing my work often assume the text is taken from newspapers or random books. But I think it deepens (hope it deepens) one’s appreciation of the work to know that the words are my own, printed and cut from my own stories. I cut the pages, paste the cut pieces down, and draw the images around them. The smallest picture takes two hours–and that doesn’t even count the time spent writing the stories.

I work late at night while my family sleeps, though once in a while I can work on a Friday morning. There is never enough time to make all I want to make, but I do what I can…half-finished projects are piled at one end of my work table. I share my work space with the son, and so it is great that we sometimes sit together and draw, but it keeps my projects in check. There is only so much room.

Thank you for stopping by.


12 responses to “The Latest Show

  1. Well, Marta… I finally found you after allll these years. I remember those school days of writing your book, “the murder of Miss. White.” Slaving over a typewriter to type the book with so many mistakes. Whatever happened to that book? I think about those innocent days before the addiction to leaded coffee. Lol. Write me back. Wha-haa-ta-see 1986!
    Jennifer MacCrea Storts

  2. Loved this, love your picture too. I have only just started drawing again, I find that the pen takes over my life and my head seems to over flow with idea’s of both drawing and writing, though for me writing is the easier of the two mediums.

    • I’m always for people drawing again–and continuing to draw. I go back and forth between which one is easier. Though I get more immediate, more positive feedback for the art.

      Thank you for stopping by.

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