It’s Black and White.

my art with a bit of color

I asked the photographer to take black and white pictures of our wedding. I never seriously considered otherwise.

Maybe I love black and white photographs because my mother took such pictures.

a picture my mother took of me for a college photography class

Anyway, my mother-in-law was paying for the wedding though she said she liked black and white too.

On the day of the wedding, two photographers were there. “Why are there two?” I asked.

“One is here for color.”

Seems my mother-in-law paid for an extra photographer so she could have colored photographs. Well, she was paying for it and color is nice.

Color is beautiful. I like color. But my art is almost always black and white.

BLack and white is simple, and mistakes are easier to correct.

I’ve been told to add more color.

I don’t think life is black and white, my home is quite colorful, and my stories are filled with ambiguity (searching the gray not the black and white).

Do you think it says something about a personality? Certainly the art a person makes (the stories a person writes) says something about them. Doesn’t it?

Not sure I should hazard a guess what my work says about me.

(I’ve tried to film my work in progress…here.)

What are you kind of art are you drawn, and how important is color to you?


2 responses to “It’s Black and White.

  1. Love these, they’re beautiful. I love bunnies because they remind me of my mother. Long story, plus her nickname was Bunny. I like black and white photos, too, I guess because they seem more editorial. But my favorite color in a painting is any shade of green.

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