Not convinced.

I’ve wanted to make an animated film. I don’t have super-duper software or equipment, so my efforts are a bit low-rent. I’m using what comes with the mac and my cheap camera.

As an experiment I made a film of me making a picture. Nothing fancy–just a simple picture. After I finally got all the pictures dowmlaoded and edited, I realized I couldn’t simply add music. One–I don’t want to be sued, so I’d need permission and I’d have to pay something. Two–I don’t know how to edit music to fit a film. Sure, I can move a music file over into my iMovie, but how to get the rhythm to match the art?

A bit beyond me.

Then I thought I’d at least share my amateur efforts…well, facebook was being very difficult about it and wordpress wants me to upgrade to post video.

Anyway, have you ever worked with iMovie or animation before? Any suggestions?

And in the meantime, here is the link to video. It’s just a little something.

Thank you.


8 responses to “Not convinced.

  1. Good job!
    I love stop action animation.
    I’m an artist/musician. I don’t’ have a Mac so I don’t know all the ins an outs of the program that you’re using to make the animation.
    I’m pretty sure that in your Garage band program that comes with your computer that there are sounds that you could use to compose your own sound track. You might also be able to find music and/or sounds that are public domain.
    Editing the music to fit the time frame of the piece can be a bit tricky.
    I’ve done a lot of sound composing/editing and on the one hand would require some stretching/shrinking etc.
    Again I’m not familiar with the program(Imovie?) but there ought to be an easy way to insert a sound track….getting it to fit is the tricky part.
    I’d try making your own sounds.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you, T. My Mac does come with Garage Band. I just need to take the time to learn it.

      What I’ve found so far (in my admittedly not incredibly deep search) is music that is public domain but not recordings that are public domain. I did find a website or two that have “free” music, but you had to pay a subscription fee–and I couldn’t really tell how they worked. And since I only want a snippet of music and I’m not going to sell this video or make any money off of it, spending more money…well, seemed against my budget.

      But thank you for taking a look at the video. Stop animation is cool!

  2. Very cool first effort! (And speaking for myself, it answered a lot of questions about how you do those art-from-words collages.)

    Re: music to use, you might take a look at the Musopen site. In general, as I understand it, classical MUSIC (especially by big names like Beethoven and such) is well out of copyright and in the public domain; all you really need to be concerned with, if you’re really worried, is whether a given PERFORMANCE of a given piece is copyrighted. Musopen — again, as I understand it — is a place where performers upload their recordings and make them freely available for any purpose (at least, non-commercial ones).

    For instance, from here I just downloaded the 1812 Overture — a 16(ish)-minute performance by the Skidmore College Orchestra. Not the Boston Symphony Orchestra, okay, but if you just want to play around with it a little…

    I don’t know from Macs, but I’d be dumbfounded if there wasn’t some fairly easy way to (a) add an audio track to a video, and (b) at least stretch out/shrink the timing of the video so it lasted exactly as long as the audio. A few months ago, my siblings and I put together a family slide-show presentation using a bunch of photos and maybe 8 or 10 popular songs. We experimented with fading the musical selections out after a particular verse or whatever, and then we stitched the results together into a single mp3. My brother used his Mac — specifically some software built-in to it, maybe the Livemovie thing you mentioned — to load all the pictures in sequence and match the total length of VIDEO to the (given) total length of AUDIO. The results weren’t Hollywood quality but they didn’t need to be. Still pretty amazing.

    (And if we’d had time to poke around a little bit, I’m sure we’d have found a way to synchronize specific visuals with specific beats of music, etc.)

    • I’ve thought about using XtraNormal, but I’ve got no ideas for it. But the beauty of technology these days (amid its many pitfalls) is that any individual has options for creative endeavors.

      Also, who is to say you aren’t artistically talented?

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