Magic Pixie Dust & Other Ways to Act like a Grown-up

My next art show is January 20th. My spring semester starts January 9th. I’m not prepared for either.

If I could give up washing dishes, laundry, walking the dog, and parenting, I might feel okay with these dates–and I might not have this headache.

But no pixie is going to sprinkle my apartment with magic dust and announce, “You now have the gift of extra time!”

Bills will not pay themselves. (Shocking, isn’t it?)

I don’t need to live in a spotless apartment (please, never stop by unannounced), but I do rather like eating off clean plates and wearing clothes that don’t smell. (I’m a conformist.)

The thing I’ve learned about art shows (at least, my art shows) is that they do not pay for themselves. From a budget perspective they are foolish endeavors… why go through all the bother?

I know plenty of people who when deciding where to live and what to study and what job to take look at the money. They have a lifestyle they want (above the basic food-and-shelter), and they act accordingly. Often these people have lovely houses in nice neighborhoods and they do things like take trips and go shopping for new clothes.

When I’m in these people’s houses I feel I’m from another planet and my brain is incapable of figuring out how these people manage it. They have matching furniture in the living room!

Okay, I’m rambling when I’ve got plenty of work to do.

If you know how to juggle everything and live like a grown up, please let me in on the secret.


10 responses to “Magic Pixie Dust & Other Ways to Act like a Grown-up

  1. (I’m a conformist.) Ha!

    I don’t think there is a secret, especially for people with varied, non-interrelated interests. (You know: literally interesting people.) Well, except becoming more selective about what we decide to put on our plates. From a certain perspective, I can almost believe that the human lifespan is what it is just to give us time to figure out what’s plate-worthy and what we can do without.

    Happy New Year, Marta. I always look forward to seeing what you’ve been spending time on… and feel spoiled by the prospect of another year for you to spend time on it all. But it is a sort of inhuman schedule.

    (Something you posted on FB over the weekend reminded me of the acting class you took a couple-three years ago and I thought, “Well, at least she doesn’t have SOMETHING she’s still trying to fit in…!” :))

  2. Living like a grownup isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. There are a lot of unhappy grownups out there. I say live true to yourself, and everything will figure itself out.

    Good luck with the art show!

    Nancy 😉

    • Sometimes I think the real problem is that we don’t define grownup properly. Why does being a grownup mean giving up fun and laughs and silly things?

      Thanks for the luck. We’ll see how it goes.

  3. I have a pixie dust dispenser over my desk. Okay, seriously, I have daily to-dos on a paper calendar. As I get one done, I check it off. When I see all the check marks, I feel better. If I don’t get it done, I push it forward. I have a list of just six things to get done for 2012. So I’m confident that will work. Realistic goals. Works for me.

    • I’d love a pixie dust dispenser!

      Well, anyway. This year my son and I wrote down a list of goals and wants for the new year. We’re posting it up in our office to help keep us on track (and maybe it will reveal that some goals weren’t right for us in the first place).

  4. Living like a grownup? Hmm. I have three kids and we juggle bills on one precarious income, as I’m a stay-at-home momma. Still, my furniture doesn’t match and the house was clean…last night. I love what everyone’s had to say. I have a fear of to do lists, though. All my grownup friends use them, so there must be something to it. I’ll try it out if you will. 😉 I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one who feels like others must live on another planet. Clothes shopping? Heck, my kids are dressed better than me. But my kiddos are happy, and I’m pursuing this crazy dream….we can’t be all wrong, right?
    Loved this post, your honesty.
    Thank you and best wishes on your art show, all your creative endeavors, and this crazy thing called adulthood.

    • Thanks Tonia. I’ve had a general suspicion of to-do lists–even though I know plenty of people who use them well. I told Karen above that my son and I wrote a list for the year. I guess I’ll blog about it when the next year comes around!

      Oh, there is always a point in the last week when the apartment was clean…but never seems to be the right moment. Right now my kiddo’s clothes usually look…well, not how I’d want. But he picks out his own clothes and likes what he wears.

      We’ve got to keep pursuing the dream! What is the point of the rest of it otherwise?

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