Adding rooms, decorating, and opening doors…

This is my asylum and I’ll scream if I want to.


It seems that pursuing this creative life is crazy making, and never mind my own feelings about being published or not being published, how does your family feel about your successes and failures? To keep on trying do you need them to believe in what you’re doing?

In the meantime, I’m adding stories to the sidebar. I’ve also added a slideshow of my art. So there. Take a look around. But don’t stay too long or you might get locked in. Ha.


One response to “Adding rooms, decorating, and opening doors…

  1. Amen to crazy-making creative, doubtful-yet-doing-it living! We wouldn’t be ourselves if we weren’t at least 3 people, right?

    I went into the internet looking to not feel alone tonight, and here you are. Thank you for you.

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