Crappy Books

There are different book likability levels.

One. Finish book and think, “I liked that.” Put book on shelf.

Two. Finish book and think, “That was great. Who do I know who ought to read this too?” Send a particular someone a message. “You should read this book.”

Three. Finish book and think, “Oh my God. Why didn’t I write this book? This is amazing.” Hang my head and feel like crying.

When talking to others about writing books, I often hear people say something along the lines of, “There are so many bad books out there. I know I can do better.” Or maybe, “I can’t believe the crap that gets published and I can’t get an agent.”

Yes. It is motivating to believe you can do better, and it is annoying that people named Snooki get book deals. Of course, it is annoying.

Now, I don’t read books by the Snookis of the world, so maybe I’m missing out on under appreciated gems. You can’t fit everything into one life, after all.

But I really don’t know what are all these crappy books? I love the books I read with a few exceptions. But even the books I was indifferent about, I wouldn’t say they were crap. My thinking was more, “Yeah, I can’t get that excited about Italy.”

So usually I finish a book and think, “I am never going to get published. Of course this got published and I didn’t.”

Does this mean I have no taste and will like anything?

Does this mean I am just so discerning I pick up only good books?

What books have you read lately, and how well did you like them?


2 responses to “Crappy Books

  1. The editors of the Big Six wouldn’t know a compelling read if it hit them in the face. They’re too busy grinding out the same old, same old, hoping the Sheep People (Readers) will buy them because they bought them before. Editors don’t want to take a chance on a new author. They’re too afraid to lose their jobs. (Note: sorry to sound so harsh. I’m sure there are some good editors out there, just as there some good books. But they’re the exception, not the rule).

    If you want to read some crappy books (in my opinion) pick up any culinary mystery published by Prime Crime (Kensington). There are a ton of series out there. I find them predictable and boring, with mundane characters and repetitive plots that offer no surprises. Good if you have insomnia or need to line your bird cage with something.

    Signed, Sour Grape Lady

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