If it isn’t readable, maybe it’s wearable.

My writing--can't you tell?

So much time has passed since the last set of query letters I sent out, I forgot about a few of them. Therefore, the rejection email that popped up this evening took me by surprise. That rejection was from an agent. Well, okay. Less than an hour later another rejection showed up in my inbox. This one was from a literary journal.

There I was not even thinking about my stories out in the world begging for love from strangers, and I get hit with two rejections nearly side by side.

Makes a person feel ganged up on.

But when the rejections added their sparkle to my day, I was finishing up a bit of…art? I don’t know. I’d cut up my short stories, lined the pieces with silver tape, poked holes in the strips, and threaded them together. Viola!

And the point of all that?

I’ve no idea.


2 responses to “If it isn’t readable, maybe it’s wearable.

    • Thank you, Karen. I probably should have used my time sending out queries or cleaning my apartment… but I think I just might wear it sometime and see what happens.

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