That Connection Magic

Why do we write?

Why do we write blogs?


I’ve moved my blogging efforts into the Asylum. My efforts feel crazy much of the time, so an asylum has got to be an appropriate place.

Recently, a blogging friend–a writer down under–noted my blog over at The Writerly Way. It is nice to know who is reading, really.

So, a few links are over in the sidebar. Does anyone ever look at those? I do sometimes. But why do we have these links anyway?

Sometimes because the link goes to a friend and other times because the link goes to a place I think fascinating and hope you do too. Isn’t the danger of the Internet? One link leads to another to another to another, and how much time would you need to get through them all and end up back where you started? Never mind that cyberspace constantly changes. Perhaps it would be like trying to tag every drop in the ocean.

Well, I don’t suggest you start such a task. I merely hope you might visit a few new places and see what’s there.


4 responses to “That Connection Magic

  1. Once I’m following a blog, or have visited a few times, I usually click on blog links. I have found a lot of good blogs this way!

  2. The recent redesign at my place made me think about the whole “blogroll” notion, too.

    When I first started blogging, I used to use my blogroll as a sort of permanent repository of Web-browsing bookmarks, for my own reference. The idea was that I’d use my blog as my browser start page, no matter which of my regular computers I was using, so I wouldn’t have to worry about remembering, oh, say, which of Marta’s online presences is the current one. 🙂

    That quickly got out of hand, though. I had too many places I wanted to “remember” without including them in the blogroll — specific pages, for instance, about how to use some specific technology for a specific project which I was working on at only one computer.

    So now I kinda do what you do. “Here are a bunch of places I visit regularly; here are a bunch of places I recommend; here are some writers I revere, although they don’t know me from Adam”… and so on. Not having a blogroll would feel too weird too me, like I’m taking sole credit for whatever the hell it is that I do at my site.

    And, for the record, I often use my favorite bloggers’ lists-o’-links to explore. (I’ve never forgotten that it was a link from your writing in the water which took me to 7 Impossible Things the first time.)

  3. Yes, that’s how my blogroll started years ago–oh, I want to remember to go to these places… and yes, that got out of control.

    Well, all my connections feel a bit out of control these days, but I try.

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