Small Gifts

Today a former student stopped me in the hallway to give me an article on self-publishing she’d cut from the newspaper. She hasn’t been in a class of mine for a year, and I rarely see her at the school.

Most of the time I can’t believe in my own writing career–or rather I can’t believe I’m going to have one–and yet this student, who is very shy and often anxious, took my aspirations seriously enough to take note of the article, think of me, cut the article out, bring it to school, go out of her way to find me, and give the article to me.

That’s just nice. And it means more than she may realize.


2 responses to “Small Gifts

  1. When I first read about this in your FB timeline, I thought, Now that is just cool (because, oddly, it warmed my heart). It reminded me of things which kids occasionally, out of the blue, did for me when I was teaching. I hope I did that sort of thing for my own teachers.

    This slice of your life is just so, so good. (Especially coming, as it did — and as you imply here — at a time when you seem to be really in a toss-of-the-coin mood about your writing.) If you were in ancient Greece — or is it Rome? — and something like this happened to you, you’d say that Minerva or Hermes or whoever had just glimpsed in your direction.

    (Just realized that all these comments have gone into moderation. Sorry for that… I should’ve posted one, then you’d just have to moderate one before I posted any more. Note implicit assumption that you would have approved the first one, ha.)

  2. But if you’d waited for me to approve the first comment, you might’ve forgotten to come back.

    My students aren’t kids–this particular student is a 40 year Korean mom. But no matter our age, we can do even small things to make a difference.

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