May 29th. So much left out.

I had more I wanted to add to this scene, but it would take more energy and time than I have. So I left it simple and short. The month is almost over. Thank goodness! Writing something remotely postable every day has been hard. But thanks to you for reading.

Hannah was running when the Asylum went dark. She threw herself against a wall. Shouts and cries surrounded her. She had no idea what happened to Meredith. They’d run in opposite directions when Security appeared.

Catching her breath, she felt along the wall and discovered another door. Might as well, she whispered. By now picking a lock took no time at all. The door opened. This time Hannah didn’t wait for anyone to come out. Instead, she walked in.


No one answered. Dim moonlight cast a few shadows. The bed was empty. Hannah didn’t know she was in the room that belonged to the boy who’d gone up to the roof. She felt relief at finding an unoccupied room. Maybe she could take a moment to think.

She sat on the bed. Too late she realized the door was open. “Meredith?” But the bit of shadow Hannah could make out in the dark seemed too short for the nurse.

“You unlocked my door. Why?”

It was the old woman. Hannah was sure of it. “I thought you’d want out,” she whispered.

The sound of the old woman shutting the door didn’t comfort Hannah. The old woman had claimed to have a knife.

“You’ve let several of us out,” the old woman said. “Why?”

“Why should you not be out? Are you dangerous?” Hannah hoped she sounded brave, and wished she could see in the dark.

The old woman snorted. “Are you dangerous?” she asked.

“No,” Hannah said. “Not really.”

The old woman sighed. “That’s a shame.”

May 25th. Did not miss it!


Well, I missed yesterday, but I wrote something today. Thank goodness.

Hannah let herself be led out of the basement and into the hall. She didn’t trust this nurse, but she had no place to run.

Your heart is bent on chaos, the nurse had said. Holding the nurse’s hand Hannah knew it was true. Like her grandmother. Her grandmother caused trouble. Hannah knew that much. She slipped the metal pick-pocketing tool into her hand. If the nurse wanted trouble, she’d give it to her.

Nurse Meredith knew the Asylum and she knew how Security thought and acted. She also knew they’d checked this corridor already. They wouldn’t be back for a while yet. “You want to unlock everything. Is that right?”

“And what if I do?” Hannah answered.

“Then start with that door over there. I assume you’ve a key or something. I’m going to start on this side of the hall. You start over there.”

“Seriously? You. But you work here. Why are you telling me to—”

“Get to work, you little fool. Before Security starts thinking. Just unlock the door and move on to the next.” Meredith pointed. “Face what you wanted.”

Hannah hesitated, but she took the lock-pick and knelt at the door.